Keep Your Home Secure This Christmas

Christmas is getting closer and that means that many of us will be filling our homes with toys, gadgets, jewellery and anything else that might be on that letter to Santa!

Unfortunately this is also a huge incentive for burglars to attempt to enter your home and help themselves to all them Christmas prezzies! This is why we have put together a list of our top tips to keep your home secure over this festive period.

Christmas Home Security Tips

Light Deterrents – Lighting up your property inside and out is a good way to deter burglars so if you don't already have one it is a good idea to invest in an outdoor motion sensored light. These work by illuminating your property when someone approaches leaving burglars nowhere to hide while they try to gain entry to your property. The use of light timers in your home also works well when your property is vacant by creating the illusion someone is home.

Christmas Lights – When putting Christmas lights up on your property's exterior don't make the common mistake of feeding an extension cable trough a slightly open window as this allows easy access for burglars and could void your insurance! If you use out door lighting this year why not try solar powered lights or install an outdoor electrical outlet.

Dispose of Packaging – Any packaging from gifts this Christmas can be a good advertisement for burglars to know exactly what valuables you have in your property. Make sure you dispose of packaging carefully by either taking it to a recycling point or keep it in your property until the day before your bin/recycle collection day.

Protect Your Identity – With all the spending that goes on over the Christmas period it is likely that you will have accumulated a lot of receipts. It is important to make sure any unwanted receipts are shredded before throwing them away to avoid sensitive information being gathered off of them. This is something you should do all year round with all documents containing sensitive or personal information.

If you would like more advice on how to keep your home secure or would like to upgrade your current home security systems then contact Locksmiths Huddersfield today on - 01484 598045

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