Gain Entry: Lock Picking

Lock picking is a method used to open a lock without using a key, by manipulating the components. This is a common method used by locksmiths when opening a door for some one that has broken or lost their keys. When done properly by a professional this method of door opening is non-destructive.

Lock picking is a method of gaining entry that has been around since locks themselves! The first locks relied solely on wards until 1778 when Barrons invented the double acting tumbler. A skeleton key was used to open warded locks, the key was designed specifically to pass any wards that may be in the lock. The double acting movable detainer was patented by Robert Barron to all lock, then a more advanced process of lock picking was developed.

This method involved the use of two instruments, one moves the teeth that are blocking the movement of the bolt, the other applies pressure.

Gaining entry to a property by using lock picking is made possible by variations in the shape, alignment and size of the components. There are different methods of lock picking that can be used depending on the lock type.

Lock Picking Methods

There is no one way to pick a lock, every locksmith will have their own method that they prefer to use to open a lock and gain entry to a property.

Most Common Methods:

Single Component Picking – The hook shaped pick is usually used with this method. It involves focusing on the irregularities of each pin to determine the position and order of each component.

Raking – This method of lock picking involves a pick known as a rake. This pick will imitate a range of key depths allowing it to quickly vary many or all the components of the lock.

Comb Picks – A pin-tumbler pick is used in this method. It is specifically designed to push all of the pins into the chamber, so they are no longer in the blocking position, allowing the plug to turn.

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